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We are pleased to welcome you to Canadian pharmacy. Here you can not only see the price of our product range, but also to order medications delivered to your home, at work, at any place convenient for you.

In the About Us section provides information on the creation, development, and plans for the future of our pharmacy. We draw your attention to the fact that first of all we did not exist as a virtual online pharmacy, and our online resource, order drugs and home delivery service - only additional services, not the only activity.

We hope that our site will be useful for you and will save you time. In the Contacts section is represented Email us: we welcome your comments and suggestions - any assessment of our work. Each appeal will be heard and not left unattended.

Low prices, to order drugs, pharmacies, home, internet pharmacy, consulting, professional service and friendly staff - all for your good health and pharmacy offers Farmprostor.

We sincerely wish you good health. You to come back to us only for prevention!

From the very beginning we set out to meet the needs of its customers affordable and quality medicines and related groups of medical naznacheniya. Always replenishing range today has more than 16 000 names of medicines, personal care, orthopedics, products for moms and babies , hygiene, contraception, and many other products of leading domestic and international manufacturers.

Our pharmacy works only with the largest wholesale suppliers that eliminates the ingress of sale of unsafe and counterfeit products. The specialists of our chemists are constantly working to improve customer service. Discount program and conducted actions can significantly save on the acquisition of drugs. The highly qualified staff of our service delivery will acquire the necessary preparations and related products faster and more comfortable. Call-center operators will answer all your questions and take the order and our courier will ensure the timeliness of its receipt. We are ready to put our knowledge and experience to provide the help you need.

License number 7227-011-00917535 for pharmaceutical activity. Issued by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Health and Social Development. Name of the object - a pharmacy, pharmaceutical activity - retail drugs without the right to work with potent and toxic substances.

To ensure the widest possible range in our pharmacy, we are trying to work with a large number of manufacturers and distributors of drugs and medical devices. To date we have worked with over 30 companies such as product range pharmacy has more than 8,000 positions.
We adhere to the course work only with large, proven pharmaceutical markets, companies. This allows us to ensure the proper quality of the goods and to exclude the possibility of forgery.

For expensive medicines we offer special discounts that can be discussed with our managers on an individual basis. We value our reputation by making a purchase from us you receive the goods from the biggest suppliers. For complete information about you ordered preparations (supplier, details a series of certificate, expiration date), you can always contact our managers if you make an application.

Canadian pharmacy - Universal medical marketplace, with high attendance and the target audience. Experience since 1998 to successfully solve the challenges in the field of reference and information services to the pharmaceutical and medical orientation.

A computer program drug discovery. Created catalog drugstores. Organized service statistical and analytical information. Open the search site medicines and medical services, introduced a program of automated responses to calls, organized service SMS-responses to requests of the population. A new direction of reference and information service on the phone in the cities. Organized Online service for pharmacies and medical centers in the private offices, the site, which includes extended statistics directions outs, deficit, demand analysis by city, monitoring retail and wholesale prices, the tool of ordering provider based navigation on statistical reports. A package of services "mini-pharmacy automation", which includes editing pharmacy price list and pricing functions. Online service is written as a separate module and has a mechanism of integration into the automation of pharmacy chains.

The possibility of creating online stores of goods and services for healthcare companies serving the site search engine drugs and medical services. Developed and implemented an outsourcing services to pharmacy chains, as an effective mechanism for resource use Call-center "Reference service pharmacies and medical services" in terms of creating a network of call centers. Up and running the system drug discovery and medical services by city. Now missing in your city drug or medical service you can find and book in another city. Also in the search engine provides information about synonyms, analogs of drugs, drug descriptions, prices and average prices for drugs, the comparative analysis of prices for analogs and synonyms. Canadian pharmacy offers convenient visual service - this is the map of goods and services, the required information on the availability of drugs and medical services are now broadcast on the city map.

The company now operates under developed and registered trademark. Development of the regions is on the way as an individual cooperation and to introduce a system of franchises.

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